Electrical Training

Confined Spaces 

Every year a number of people are killed or seriously injured due to working in confined spaces, often because they are unaware of the dangers, poorly trained or do not have the correct safety equipment.

This working in confined spaces training course has been designed to prepare learners to work safely and identify the risks associated when working in confined spaces. Trainees will understand more about safe work practices, suitable control measures and what the law says in regards to staying safe at work.

The most common type of confined spaces found in the electricity industry are cable ducts and basement areas in sub-stations. Special precautions need to be taken when working in these locations, particularly with the introduction of hot works equipment. The course covers correct use of an atmospheric testing device and safe monitoring processes to ensure safety in confined space areas. Permit areas documentation and requirements are also covered.

” Good course, Peter went at a good pace and explained things well”  Steve – Rotorua

“My first confined spaces course – enjoyed the practical and learning how to use the gas monitor” Patrick – Tauranga

Course Details

US 25510 Operate atmospheric testing device to determine a suitable atmosphere exists to work safely

US 18426 Demonstrate knowledge of hazards associated with confined spaces.

Choose one of either of the following unit standards:

  • US 18037 Plan a confined space entry in the electricity supply industry 
  • US 17599 Plan a confined space entry

1 .5 days

Minimum Number: 4

Base Price: $530pp+gst

Refresher only

1 Full day

Minimum Number: 4

Base Price: $430pp+gst

Company Price: Min 8 – Max 12 – $4000.00+GST


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