Electrical Training

Permit Receiver/Issuer

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Permit Receiver procedures to ensure you have the controls in place to safely and effectively complete the task.

This course will ensure you understand the essential roles involved in the Permit to Work system, the mechanics of implementing the system and how to monitor its effectiveness in your role as a Permit Receiver. Practical application of permits, including worksite inspection, isolation requirements and permit auditing procedures, will reinforce learning and ensure you are confident in applying for or accepting a work permit.

People credited with this unit standard are able to: explain the types of work permits, the roles of those involved in the work permit system and the requirements for receiving a work permit; explain the preparatory requirements when applying for a work permit; accept a work permit and undertake work under the permit; and describe and carry out the controls and actions to be taken at the end of a work period or upon the completion of work. 



Course Details

US17588 Apply for accept and carry out work according to a work permit in the workplace

New & Refresher

1 Full day

Base Price: $290pp+gst

Refresher Price: $260.00pp +gst

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