Electrical Training

Truck Loader Crane

Truck – Loader Cranes have played a very prominant role in the electricity industry and their continued use requires workers to be trained to competently operate the crane safely. Workers need to be competent in the safe operation as they are often working around live conductors.

Trainees will  learn how to lift and place loads with a truck mounted crane through practical exercises as well as some class based theory which includes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge using a truck loader crane
  • Identify and understand hazards
  • Hazard control and lift planning
  • Demonstrate knowledge of truck loader crane equipment and attachments
  •  Lift, move and unload or place loads using a truck loader crane in the workplace
  • Slinging and rigging of regular loads

” Really enjoyed the course today, it was good – cant wait to get on the road and use my new crane skills” Chris – Electrix- Silverdale

“Thanks for the very good lesson” Edelmer – Electrix Albany

” Course was good, informative, good practicals” Kit- Electrix Albany


Course Details

US16617 Use a truck loader crane lift and place loads

US30072 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of slinging regular loads safely

New:  $750.00pp +GST

Refresher: $600.00pp +GST

Maximum Number : 4


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