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Electrical Test Equipment Calibration

What is Calibration? 

Calibration, in its purest sense, is the comparison of an instrument to a known standard.

Many people do a field comparison check of two meters, and call them “calibrated” if they give the same reading. This isn’t calibration. It’s simply a field check. It can show you if there’s a problem, but it can’t show you which meter is right. 

Wire and Fitness Ltd uses the Transmill 2080  which allows managers, supervisors and electricians a fast way of carrying out regular verification of the most used electrical test equipment. Its low cost, portable and can be used on or off site. Its ideal for the verification of RCD Testers, Earth Loop Testers , Insulation and continuity testers and can also be used on  combined / multi-function installation testers. We use it to identify faulty instruments and faulty test leads to maintain worker safety during isolation and testing procedures. This also avoids both wasting and costly mistakes. For example, what if an event rendered your instrument less accurate, or maybe even unsafe? What if you are working with tight tolerances and accurate measurement is key to proper operation of expensive processes or safety systems? 

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