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High Voltage Isolation & Access Procedures (HVIAP)

New training trailer for hands-on ESI work skills

Training in the electricity supply industry has stepped up to a new level following the development of a mobile testing and training trailer by  Wire and Fitness Ltd.
Designed by principal trainer, Peter Stuart, the new training rig enables hands-on training that allows workers to get up close to the work they will be doing in a live but safe learning environment.
The trailer is powered by a 400 volt feed to provide real-world live testing and training under full supervision and control.

“Our live training now fills in the gaps in traditional training by ensuring workers can learn and experience real testing and understand more effectively how to deal with risks they will face in the field.”

Our HVIAP course is a competency requirement for all Powerco contractors and personnel involved with designing, construction, maintaining and operating equipment installed on Powerco’s electrical distribution networks.

We provide a highly interactive and engaging course utilizing a range of learning styles to suit all learners.

Our trainers are industry experienced and can support and answer all your safety concerns.

Contents of the course include:

  • Work planning and coordinating – hazard identification, risk management and work control
  • Isolation, testing to prove de-energised, earthing and short- circuiting
  • Permits and permit areas
  • Tagging
  • Work on or near electrical equipment

Our training is conducting using a real world simulated environment.


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